Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Harvest Party

OK, life has been crazy busy lately. I don't think I've had a free weekend in 2 months! Then the marking period ended and we had parent conferences.  Even though it's been a couple weeks, I wanted to share something we did in my 5th grade classroom this fall.

We do a Harvest Party every year at our school (no Halloween activities, Fall and Harvest only, usually in mid November).  This year, I decided to do a simple craft I had found on Pinterest.

Thanks to Homeschool Creations for this easy project!

I had my fifth graders cut the vine using 1/4 of a piece of construction paper.  We talked about how to make it long by cutting a spiral and compared width to length as students finished.

Then we played Autumn Bingo using customized cards from DLTK.  The students got to use candy as their bingo markers.  When we had enough winners to start a new round, everyone got to eat a piece (or two pieces real quick while the teacher isn't looking!).

Snacks were kept simple.  Pumpkin, Apple, or Corn flavored items only.  We had popcorn, pumpkin muffins, apple cider, and some pumpkin spice cookies.  It was such an easy party to manage!  Almost no clean up.  Kids had fun.  Parents were happy that they weren't completely full of sugar.  Hmmm... maybe I can do this again for our Winter Party?

It's probably too late for you to use these specific ideas for a Harvest Party this year, but DLTK has lots of themed bingo cards (including Winter and Christmas) and those orange pumpkins could just as easily be turned into colorful ornaments or paper lanterns.  

Does your class have a party before your Winter Break?  Got any great ideas for me?