Monday, June 30, 2014

I can't believe they survived!

The flowers are still alive!  I can't believe that!  They've been in a crate in the garage for 22 days.  No water.  Little light.  Hot, humid temperatures.  And my green black thumb.

I got this plant on the first day of school.  My uber-sweet Dean (the first one - I had 3 last year) gave these to me as a "good-luck-on-your-first-day" gift.  I couldn't believe they survived the school year, much less 22 days in my garage. Every time I looked at them all year, I thought about this wonderful woman and how much I missed her guidance after she left our school in October.  (This was a rough year all around and many people left our school, some mid-year.)  She and I have had several different roles at this school in the last few years and worked so well together. Things just weren't the same after she left.

My husband helped me bring a bunch of my school stuff home this year.  They're painting my classroom, so I needed to bring lots home to get it out of the way.  (Didn't want it all lost/broken/covered in paint.)  We dumped it on my side of the garage and I park in the driveway now.  I went out to look for something else last night and was so shocked to see these flowers sitting in a crate full of stuff. They're a little dry, but still alive.  Some of the flowers are even blooming!!!  I think there's magic dust in the soil...

Just had to share this minor miracle on my blog.  In case you want flowers for your classroom like this, the tag says they're called Kalanchoe.  They bloom even in the winter and are available in lots of colors.  It's a nice pop of color and an easy-to-care-fore plant.  :)

Do you have other great plants that last through the school year easily?  I could use some more ideas for next year!  Please share a comment below.

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