Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whew! That was quite the year!

After several years as an ESL teacher, I went back to the classroom this fall.  I taught 5th grade at a school where I went through 2 new principals and 3 vice principals.  I'm sure you can all understand that keeping up with my blog and my TeachersPayTeachers store was more than I could manage with all that change.

But the school year ended and I'm ready to do LOTS more this summer to be ready for next fall.  I've got a huge list of products I wished I had made for this year.  I've got tons of great resources I want to pass along to you.  I've figured out some of the "tricks" to managing a blog during the school year that I hope will help this time.

To celebrate the start of my summer, I'm putting everything in my store on sale for a week.  Hopefully I'll also be adding several items, but I've been selected for the jury pool as well.  Here's hoping that for once in my life I don't get chosen.  This is my 6th summons in 16 years. I've served on 3 juries.  I'm really lucky that way.

To kick off the summer, I also have a NEW product in my TPT store!

Identifying Fractions Poke Cards

Check out my Identifying Fractions Poke Cards.  On sale at TeachersPayTeachers for $1 for the next two weeks!  :)  After that, it goes to the regular price of $4.  Enjoy!

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