Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Welcome Friends, New and Old!

This past weekend, I presented some ideas at the annual conference for the Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MITESOL).

Dave from Learning is the Game and I presented a workshop titled "Hands On with the Common Core."  Participants got a chance to create their own Poke Cards, Foldables, Matching Games, and Flyswatter/Egg Flipping Games.

Here's my latest Poke Card Set.  I'm almost done with the next one, too!  The next one will cover concrete/abstract nouns and singular/plural/collective nouns.  Follow me on TPT to know when it gets posted. 
Nouns, Verb, and Adjectives Poke Cards for Independent Practice

Homophones Matching Game

These are some of Dave's awesome products.  He's been working with ESL students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade, so he's got a variety of materials in his store. I use his Government foldable and his equivalent fractions flies in my 5th grade classroom.  My students love his stuff!  (And that means I love using it to teach, too!)
Long Vowel Sort and Write Silent-e

3 Branches of Government Study Guide Foldable

Equivalent Fractions Fly Swatter

The start of this school year has been busy, and preparing for this conference has set me a bit behind in some of my plans for my projects.  Lots of new things coming your way, plus several new Fun Friday ideas!  If you haven't "followed me" yet, please take a moment to choose a method (Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Lovin, Blogger, etc) so you don't miss any great stuff! 

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