Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Love Back To School Sales!!!

I am so addicted to school supplies!  I love shiny new notebooks and sharpened colored pencils.  I can't get enough folders or glue bottles. 

Thank goodness for Staples and Office Max.  Do you know about their policies for teachers?  Both stores have good sales going this week.  At Staples, with the teacher reward card, teachers can buy more than the limit on sale items and will be credited on their rewards card the difference between regular price and sale price.  So, those penny deals?  You pay 1 cent for the first 2 (or whatever the limit is) and then spend regular price on the rest up to 50 items.  Then they send you your rewards with the difference to spend like a gift card.

At Office Max, teachers can buy double the limit as long as you have their teacher's reward card.  Plus, for every $75 you spend in a quarter, they'll send you $10 to spend like a gift card.  This week, I bought a whole bunch of PURPLE pens for 25 cents/10 pack.  They also had a great deal on AAA batteries, which our house never has enough.  I spent $16.99 on a huge pack and will get $16.98 back in my rewards in a few months.  I love those rewards coupons.  It's awesome to go back in October and grab the things that didn't go on sale in the summer.  New electric pencil sharpener, here I come!!

I don't work for either store.  I don't get any kind of special deal for mentioning them on my blog.  I just wanted to share a couple of great resources for any teachers out there that may not have realized these services were available. 

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