Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look at what I've got!

So, I've got great projects coming soon.  Hopefully this blog will help keep me working on stuff like this so I'm ready in the fall.  It will help keep me accountable if I post here that I'm going to do something.  I'll be much more likely to conquer the procrastination habit if others may come look at my blog to see my progress.  Here are my "before" pictures of several classroom decor projects.  Let's see how long the "after" photos take!

I'm going to turn this into my attendance board!  This is a magnetic and chalkboard covered canvas with printed inspiration on it.  I think it was $14.95 at Meijer and I LOVE it!!  Each of my students will get a magnet with their name on it to place on the board when they come in each day so I can take attendance.  I'm even thinking I'll have little slips of paper to put under the magnet to show whether they are eating hot lunch or cold.  I can't wait to get this up in my classroom!!

So, then I found this ice cube mold in the shape of little stars at Meijer, too.  I'm going to make my own magnets in star shapes using the Plaster of Paris and then paint them to match my black and white and turquoise theme.  I think that I will make little shooting star tails for their lunch choices.  Won't that be stellar???  (sorry -- couldn't resist that pun)

Now for my Party City trip...  I found a vinyl tablecloth to try making sanitize-able cushions for my classroom reading nook.

I found those paper fans to hang over each group with their group number on it.

I also bought some square blue plates.  I've got a few ideas for how I will use those, but I'm going to keep that a secret until I've made some decisions. 

Help keep me accountable this summer.  I don't want to spend my Labor Day weekend freaking out about the first day of school!  :)

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