Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TPT Conference: Blogger Meetup Winner!

OMG!! I won! I won! I won!!

The TPT Blogger Meetup was a great experience!  I cannot begin to imagine the amount of work that went into this HUGE event!!  Look at all the people there!  You could barely move through the room.  Lots of chances to meet other people, swap business cards, share ideas, and get FREE stuff!

First beverage was free.  This is only about half the room!  No matter where you were standing, you were almost always in someone's photo or selfie.

Our amazing hosts from What the Teacher Wants drew names for the door prizes.  I won one!!!

This cute bag was STUFFED full of crayola products!  

Look at all this stuff I won!  There was Model Magic, Markers, window crayons and markers, watercolor pencils, erasable colored pencils, and special construction paper crayons.  I didn't even know that Crayola made some of these things!  Thank you so much to both Crayola for sponsoring and What the Teacher Wants for hosting this!  My students are going to love having these resources this year!

Some of the swag given away for free.  There was lots more, but I didn't want to stand in the really long line.  This was what I grabbed at the end as we left.  Only a small portion of what I saw others got for standing in that long line. It's all good though -- I was 1.5 pounds over the suitcase weight limit at the airport and had to put a bunch of the Crayola stuff in my "bursting at the seams already" carry-on bag so we didn't get charged extra.  

Any great ideas for using the model magic in 5th grade?  I'm going to have to head to Pinterest to get some ideas.  Got any good model magic pins to share?  Post in the comments! 

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